Fenn offers a range of specialist boring bars and tooling for the automotive, aerospace, marine, agricultural and heavy plant industry.

Our choice of specialist boring options range from standard boring bars to micro boring options, to specialist technology for small micro boring applications or bespoke specials. Whatever your boring requirements, as UK distributors for Rigibore, Fenn can offer the right solution.

Rigibore’s ActiveEdge is an auto-compensating system that uses wireless technology to perform micron-precise adjustment to the cutting edge at the push of a button, without the need for an operator’s intervention. Adjustments are made via radio signal with the tool still in the machine spindle, ensuring that non-productive time in the operation is eliminated. By simply entering the unique tool ID and the required adjustment, a request is sent directly to the ActiveEdge Boring Bar. The cutting edges subsequently adjust to the required size. This innovative design eliminates the need for manual adjustments, making the process simpler, faster and more accurate. The benefits of long term cost savings, increased production and improved accuracy makes ActiveEdge a manufacturers dream.


Rigibore’s Smartbore is a fast, easy to use micron accurate and manually operated cutting edge tool adjuster. Its unique and original design enables the operator to make accurate, concentric holes with fast, easy adjustment. Smartbore is the ideal tool for precision single, and multi-point boring requirements. Where tools are difficult to read and access, the data can be relayed to a secondary remote display. This tool provides simplistic, easy usage to any skilled or semi-skilled worker. Also available is the Smartbore Nano, the ultimate finishing tool for small hole boring operation, which will bore holes down to 0.05 mm (0.00196 inches) in diameter, with precision adjustment of 0.001 mm on diameter.


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